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solar manufature in nodiaSolar inverter manufacturers in Noida Namaskar, my name is Amit and today I am sharing your information about solar inverter price in Noida directly from manufacturer distributors and suppliers so if you are looking for solar inverter purchase in Noida and you’re looking for somebody who can provide you reasonable prices then this information is for you.
I am the sales and marketing manager in this company and we are one of the leading solar inverter manufacturers in Uttar Pradesh Noida we have our 24 online customer care agents and repair and maintenance engineers available in Noida. Our main factory located in Maharashtra and we have our distributor and supplier across the country today I am sharing you as a countryman about our different solar accessories and other information, within detail solar inverter price in Noida and which are the top 10 best manufacturers also available like us in Noida.

List of solar inverter manufacturers in Noida

1.Solar Inverter Manufacturers & Suppliers in Noida

 AddressSolarin Solar Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd, 404 Urbtech Matrix Tower, Sector-132, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301.This is one of the best companies in Noida who can provide you all types of solar systems they provide solar inverter solar installations and all types of services you are looking for related to solar energy the address of this company is below you can visit to this company.

2.Station Energiaa Private Limited

AddressB-81, Sector 63 Rd, B Block, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301,If your looking for solar inverter in Noida this is somebody very best and some of the super company they provide all type of solar accessories off-grid hybrid solar inverter batteries everything.

3.Eyconic Solar Pvt.Ltd.

AddressD 88 Second Floor, Sector 10, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301,This is one of the best solar inverter manufacturers in Noida, they have a very reputable name in Noida you can also contact in address  you can visit.

If you want directly purchase from manufacturer you can also contact on this number +919373336340 this number belongs to one of the manufacturers in India who is one of the top-ranking inverter manufacturers in India and they have their office in Noida. The person’s name is Mr Kaushik, 16 inverter scientist in India. he has developed Indian solar inverters which are reasonably priced and very durable compared to Chinese or any other international brand overall if you talk to him your problem will be solved in Noida related to solar inverter all type of categories all type of UPS every problem related to solar he is the one person.

4.Protonics System India Private Limited

AddressUniparts India Ltd, Block C-45, Sector 81, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201305,

This solar inverter company also has a very reputable name in Noida they are one of the leading manufacturers of all types of solar installations and all types of 16 best solar accessories the address is below you can contact them.

5.IB SOLAR – Solar Panel Manufacturers | Best Solar Panels in India

AddressC-232, C Block, Sector 10, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301,This is also one of the very good solar inverter manufacturers in Noida you can contact them the address is above.

Solar Inveters in Nodia

Enertech UPS Pvt. Ltd. established in the year 1989, is a professionally managed organization that boasts of 10000 plus satisfied customers serviced over the last 25 years. We are one of the largest Indian manufacturing companies in power electronics adhering Govt of India norms of Make in India.

We have an experienced R&D team that works on the concept to product delivery and is willing to take up technical challenges for customizations.

We have our products certified from TUV, UL lab & NISE labs approved under MNRE policy.

We have exported goods to Saudi, Dubai, Philippines, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Yemen, Lebanon, Dubai, Singapore, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria.

We have a large installation base close to 60MW of systems working on field and close to 10000 satisfied customers.

Below is our product range:

  1. DSP based Online UPS – 5KVA to 300KVA – 1ph/3ph
    1. Load sharing
    2. Hot standby
    3. Industrial grade
  2. Solar Hybrid Inverters with grid export facility – 1KVA to 300KVA
  3. MPPT Chargers – 48V-600V – upto 500Amps
  4. Solar Pump Inverters – KUSUM Yojana – 1HP to 50HP
  5. Industrial Inverters – upto 300KVA
  6. Industrial Battery Chargers
    1. IGBT based 110V/220V upto 800V – 500Amps
  7. Frequency Converters – 5KVA to 300KVA – 60Hz/400Hz


Our Strengths:

  1. Approvals from IEC conformance, 60068, 60529 and 61683. Recently we have completed with anti islanding certification for IEC 62116 and 61727 also.
  2. Solutions working for complex applications like: Cold Storages, Petrol pumps, Motor loads, Power-looms, ATMs, Air conditioners & Micro grid projects applications.
  3. Excellent facility for load testing that is backed with highly qualified RnD team.
  4. Design of plant BOS like AJB/ACDB/DCDB to efficiently run the solar plant.
  5. Thorough QC standards to reach high sigma level that maintains 98% uptime.
  6. Excellent support and service engineers to back up PAN India to give onsite support

We are looking forward to having an operational association with your esteemed company where we can manufacture goods in the OEM label and provide you a complete Make in India product. Call now At +919373336340

best solar inverter manufacturers in Nodia solar inverter manufacturers in Nodia

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