Ghaziabad Top 5 solar inverter manufacturers with Price and compare

Ghaziabad solar inverter manufacturers are offering offers and promotions. I want to purchase solar inverter which is made in India reasonable price and solid and durable. Then this information is for your list of Ghaziabad top ranking 5 solar inverters manufacturer with the price of solar inverters in Ghaziabad information I am going to give you.

Let me first introduced you myself my name is Amit and I am the sales and marketing manager in this company we produce high quality of all type of solar inverter with all type of rankings.

Now I would like to show you Ghaziabad’s top-ranking solar inverter manufacturers’ contact address and phone numbers.


AddressPlot No, 1066, near Amity School, Sector 1, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201012,This company is one of the superb solar inverter manufacturers in Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh. As I mentioned the address you can visit and explore their off-grid solar ups and online ups products. They have variety of solar inverters available in Ghaziabad.

2.Navyug Power Infra Private Limited

Address1024,SF, Shakti Khand IV,, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201010,Solar inverter manufacturer is trustful and one of the best thereafter Sales Service is awesome this is one of the best solar inverter manufacturers in Ghaziabad. If you are looking for a grid solar inverter online ups and Solar PCU manufacturer in Ghaziabad and he is one of a very reputed company

3 Dhruv Traders – Exide Battery Dealer, Amaron Battery Dealer & Inverter Battery Dealer in Sahibabad

AddressShop No 1, Steel Chamber,, Pipe Market, Main G.T.Road, Sahibabad,, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201005,This is one of the award-winning solar inverter manufacturers in Ghaziabad you can contact them he can offer you all type of varieties f solar inverters at your doorstep in Ghaziabad

4.Gurukirpa Electronics

Address49/56, Golden protein compound, Site 4, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201010,

This is one of the very famous and popular names in the solar inverter manufacturer in Ghaziabad they are reported and you will find a variety of solar inverters in their office the address visit and explore.

5.KENBROOK Solar Ghaziabad: Solar Company in Ghaziabad

AddressHouse No. 54, Sector – 6, Sector-1, Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201002,If you’re looking for somebody very reasonable price and good quality of solar inverter then they produce high quality of solar inverters in Ghaziabad they are very famous and popular and people recalled from their name.

Solar Inveters in Up

Now let me tell you about our services, our solar inverter manufacturing factory located in Maharashtra and we have our sales and marketing and 24-hour engineer available in Ghaziabad have many clients in Ghaziabad were using our solar inverter because reasonable price value for money and durable most of the customers who have purchased solar inverter from our company noticed that our solar inverter is maintenance-free. If you are doing a solar business in Ghaziabad and you are looking for a good solar inverter then we are welcoming you to contact our scientist Mr. Kaushik. We are offering distributorship in Ghaziabad of our made-in-India award-winning solar inverters. For all type of questions you have in your mind I am going to share your phone number of hours solar inverter engineer you can talk to him 24 our services is available.

हम से सस्ता और हमसे अच्छा सोलर इन्वर्टर कोई नहीं देखा, जी हां आज इस माध्यम से मैं आपको संपर्क करना चाहता हूं मेरा नाम अमित है हम बहुत अच्छी क्वालिटी के सोलर इनवर्टर बनाते हैं और गाजियाबाद में हमारे इंजीनियर एवं डेमोंसट्रेशन सिम अवेलेबल है आप सिर्फ एक फोन करिए और उसके बाद में आप हमारा इनवर्टर की विशेषताएं जानी और उसके बाद आप जगे और जाकर सोलर इनवर्टर के बारे में पता करिए मैं आपको विश्वास दिलाता हूं कि हमारा जो सोलर इन्वर्टर है वह एक तो बहुत ही अच्छा है सस्ता है और सॉलिड है भारतीय दिमाग शक्ति एवं आत्मविश्वास के साथ बना है |

मेरा आपसे एक छोटा सा निवेदन है मैं आपको कौशिक जी का नंबर दे रहा हूं आप कौशिक जी को कॉल करने कौशिक जी हमारे कंपनी में सोलर इनवर्टर के साइंटिस्ट है आप इनसे बात करिए बात करने के बाद आपको लगेगा बहुत ही सस्ते ते में और बहुत ही अच्छा सोलर इन्वर्टर आप ले सकते हैं गाजियाबाद से अगर आप सोलर उत्पादों का व्यापार करते हैं गाजियाबाद शहर में तो आप जरूर एक बार कौशिक जी को कॉल करिए क्योंकि हम अपनी डिस्ट्रीब्यूटरशिप और हमारे स्पेशल ऑफर आपको बताना चाहते हैं |

कौशिक जी का नंबर है +919373336340  

Products manufactured are –






Solar Hybrid Inverters

5KVA to 150KVA


Grid tied Inverters

1KW to 80KW



5KVA to 150KVA


Online UPS Systems

1KVA to 250KVA


Servo Stabilizers 

upto 1000KVA


Lift Inverters

upto 100KVA


Industrial Battery Chargers

upto 300A

We can provide referrals of customers for the above products.

 Also we are manufacturing of RMS, BMS (battery management system), string monitoring system. The solar motor controller (hybrid solar controller for Motor)

Also we are regularly supplying our product in several Government Agencies e.g.  PEDA, APEDA, RREC, REIL, CEL, RDSO, UREDA, OREDA etc.

We would request you to please give us time to meet and to discuss the requirements of energy-saving at your end resulting in a lesser electricity bill? 

Further, please find attached our Catalog giving the technical specifications, which will give you better insight into our product. 

Please send us inquiries for these products and inform us of any formalities to comply, so we can regularly supply goods for your inquiries.

# सोलर इनवर्टर इन गाजियाबाद #

Solar inverter manufacturer in Ghaziabad

Solar inverter manufacturers in Ghaziabad

Solar inverter manufacturers phone number in Ghaziabad

Online UPS inverter in Ghaziabad

Off-grid solar inverter manufacturer in Ghaziabad

Solar PCU manufacturer in Ghaziabad

Hybrid solar inverter manufacturers in Ghaziabad

First of all I would like to say thank you very much for visiting on our website and reading about our solar inverter manufacturers in Ghaziabad I am sure this is useful for you you can save a lot of your time and I would like to request that if you are really have no of questions related to solar inverter price equality and comparison and you are living in Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh you can contact us one phone call and we going to solve all your problems because our 24 award-winning customer care agent is always ready to deliver you great information about all type of solar inverter manufacturers contact address phone numbers price in Ghaziabad.


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