Grid Tied Inverter

Rating: 3KW to 27KW

ENERTECH take pride in announcing its association with world technology leader FRONIUS since past 3 years as sales and service partner.

Fronius International GmbH is an Austrian company since 1945, based in Austria. Fronius is recognized as a technology leader in the fraternity.

Fronius Solar Grid-tied inverters come with the SnapINverter generation which has features which are unmatched by its competitors.

Fronius products are lightweight & come with several country specific codes. With its state of the art quality production technology, robust architecture, integrated communication features, long service life, makes it as the most desired component of any residential or commercial system.


LCD for Users Action and Interpretations of Working

    • Interactive LCD display for user friendly Interface.
    • Programmable outputs available to integrate with other similar devises.
    • Self diagnostics, it can guide the user for cause and solution of any misbehavior.

Input Variation

      • Compatible with DG in absence of grid.
      • Multimode – Active MPPT
      • Easy string sizing due to wide MPPT voltage range.


      • IP 66 enclosure – ready for all environmental conditions.
      • Overload protection by operating point shift & power limitation
      • Reverse Polarity Protection

Data Analysis

      • Inbuilt data logger with detail metering.
      • Energy Management Option.

MTTR / Serviceability

      • Snap in technology. Wireless connectivity . WIFi/Ethernet/ RS485 wide variety of integration
      • options available with third party monitoring devices.
      • Easy to install – detail installation support manual available
      • Modular Architecture. Easy to service-less number of spares are required for maintenance.
      • Flexible warranty extension options available 5 years / 7 years

Few of our Customers who are enjoying our benefits are:

    • Central Electronics Limited ,
    • Plaza Power,
    • Envio Energy,
    • Aditi Electronics,
    • Marvel Electric,
    • Pragati Energy,
    • Corpus Solar Power and many more.

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