Online UPS-HF

Rating : 1KVA to 3KVA

Enertech is leading brand of UPS manufactures in India as well as one of the best online ups suppliers.Our HF range of Online UPS Consists of New Generation Microprocessor based High Frequency Double Conversation. Technology. The Double Conversation Technique is able to support the connected equipments with continuous power supply

The Key Electrical appliances will not be affected by unstable grid conditions, Power failure, Frequency variation, Harmonic distortion and other abnormalities

Whenever the Grid / Mains supply fails or restores, there will be unnoticeable transfer time, hence the connected equipment will run uninterruptedly.

Its Input Power factor correction , the Power Factor could reach up to 0.9 at full load thus excellent power quality is ensured.

  • Strategy
  • Distinctive Features
  • Double conversion technology is used in this model
  • A Low input current distortion level with high efficiency
  • Advanced network and mobile connectivity
  • Have an active input power factor correction
  • Have got a built-in galvanic isolation transformer for reducing the common mode noise.
  • IGBT based design for reduced power consumption
  • Hot standby and load sharing mode for 24×7 operation
  • Have SNMP/MODBUS connectivity

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