Industrial Battery Charger

Industrial battery chargers are used for charging large battery banks and also provide DC output to the load. Enertech offers DC power systems which use the latest 6 pulse IGBT technology offering high input PF and a greater efficiency. Float cum boost chargers ensure that the charger supplies DC load automatically. A float cum boost charger is functionally equipped with two operating modes; a float mode and a boost mode.

In float cum boost chargers, the battery is charged faster during the boost mode to ensure that the DC current is available in case the load needs supply from the battery. Float cum boost chargers are basically used for charging batteries at sub stations, power house protection circuit and telecom exchange to ensure a continuous supply of power.

Enertech India offers industrial battery chargers manufactured as per ISO standards and which have protection against overload, short-circuit, over charge apart from a very low noise. The front panel meter has necessary indication like Mains ON, Fail, DC overload, low battery, and float cum boost chargers mode.

With its indigenous technology and a team of competent manpower Enertech offers customized solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Enertech provides industrial battery chargers and DC power systems through its sales offices located at Mumbai and Pune and across India.

The features of Enertech industrial battery chargers are

  • An efficient over load cut off system
  • Has an built in surge and noise reduction system provided for communication chargers
  • It has short circuit and over charge protection enabled
  • It has a designed based on micro controller
  • The charger maintains Communication protocols like SNMP/RS-232/MODBUS
  • Has got IGBT rectifier for input power factor greater than 0.9
  • Voltage ranges of 48V/110V/220V with a current rating upto 200 Amps


  • DCS control panels
  • Co generation projects
  • Automotive battery charging
  • Traction controls
  • Thermal projects
  • Sugar industries
  • Material handling equipments

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