Special Battery Charger

Rating :  185 V DC/ 300 A

Battery Charger Output Boost – 75VDC to 180VDC,

Float ­ 60VDC to 140VDC

1.AC InputNominal 415V, 60hz, 3phase, 4 wire range: 360vac to 480vac 60Hz ±6%
2.Output1)    Boost – 75VDC to 180VDC,

Float ­ 60VDC to 140VDC

manually adjustable through potentiometer.

2)    Max DC Current 10­300Amp manually adjustable through potentiometer.

3.TimerTimer setting 0 to 12hr. For boost charging time.
4.RegulationBattery Phase ± 1%
5.Ripple< 3% rms
6.Efficiency> 75% at Full Load
7.RectifierPFC base IGBT rectifier Metering Indication,


8.PaintingSiemens Gray and blue.
9.Low NoiseLess than or equal to 60 db (a) (standard) at 1.0 mtr. Above
10.Indications1.   Mains ON

2.   Battery Charger ON.

4.   Float

5.   Boost

6.   Phase Fail/Reverse

9. Charger over temp.

11.Metering1.   Input AC Voltage 3ph digital.

2.   Output DC Voltage

3.   Output DC Current

12.Protections1.   Mains Phase Fail / Phase Reversal

2.   Battery Current Limit.

3.   Emergency stop.

4.   Charger over temp.

13.Protection ClassIP­20
14.Operating Temperature0 to 50oC.
15.Humidity95 % Non condencing
16.AltitudeUp to 1000m above sea lavel.
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