String Monitoring System

  • Low maintenance.
  • Get Instant Solar energy information.
  • Help to show solar panel performance.
  • Easy to use.
  • Shows panel information with error on
  • Highly flexible system design.
  • Cost-efficient monitoring of the direct current
    side of your PV system.
  • Time and cost savings through simplified
    commissioning process.
  • RS 232 and RS 485 communication port.
  • Shows is requirement for solar panel

1.Voltage: Measures voltage of individual batteries which helps users determine the health and performance of the batteries.

2.Current: Measures the amount of current which flows through each battery bank during the float, charge and discharge mode, as this enables the user to optimize the current flow in the system.

3.Battery Temperature: Monitors the ambient temperature which helps the user in detecting and preventing incorrect temperature levels, which allows for an increase in the battery life.

4.Ambient Temperature: Measures the individual battery temperature to prevent thermal runaway and


5.Capacity : Indicates the battery capacity in percentage, which helps one determine

the power of every block.

6.Communication Protocols:


SNMP (Optional)

TCP/IP (Optional)

7.Communication Ports:


RS 485

RS 232 (Optional)

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